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Learn more about IIS in the IIS Webcast SeriesRSS

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Last post Jun 13, 2006 02:35 PM by bills

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    Learn more about IIS in the IIS Webcast Series

    Jun 13, 2006 02:35 PM|bills|LINK

    Are you exploring ways to learn more about IIS?  Did your manager or management just put you in charge of your companys IIS servers?

    Charge up your confidence in IIS management by viewing or downloading one of our many IIS webcasts.  These webcasts teach you more about security, performance, deployment, and much, much more. 

    For a complete list of webcasts available for viewing or downloading, visit the TechCENTER Webcast Series pages. 

    Bill Staples
    Product Unit Manager, IIS
    blog: http://blogs.iis.net/bills