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  • links get changed

    Dec 05, 2004 07:18 PM|ag73|LINK

    hi I'm new to asp and I have a problem/question. I have a menu which is called menu.htm and it is included in my index.asp file. On the index.asp page all the links work fine. However, after i click the link that leads to tablesDine.asp, which also has the menu.htm included, all of the links now have been changed instead of displaying for example, /tablesDine/index.asp they have all gotten the directory tablesDine added to them so the example I just gave looks like this /tablesDine/tablesDine/index.asp. Can anyone help me with this? The code for the menu is below. <script language="JavaScript1.2"> function hideshow(which){ if (!document.getElementById) return if ("none")"" else"none" } function hide(which){ if (!document.getElementById) return if ("")"none" } </script> <div id="otherSub" style="display:none;"> Lampor Hyllor Prydnad Rotting Utemöbler </div> <div id="sortimentSub" style="display:none;"> MATBORD SOFFOR SOFFBORD SKÅP SÄNGAR SMIDE KONST ÖVRIGT </div> <div id="mainMenu"> SORTIMENT BUTIKEN LEVERANTÖRER KONTAKTA OSS STARTSIDA </div>
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    Dec 06, 2004 08:37 AM|tomkmvp|LINK

    You haven't shown enough - perhaps you need to include the code for index.asp. My best guess is that because you use a relative path, the final path that is displayed gets "screwed" up. MATBORD