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Last post Sep 08, 2004 09:30 PM by Ken Schaefer

  • response.end VS goto VS return

    Sep 02, 2004 04:10 PM|paulzazzarino|LINK

    I have an odd problem, if I exit my script using response.end then the script which calls me (which I have not control over) can not display any error messages with response.write. I would like to use a goto or return but while I can put a label in the program it will not accept a goto, i tried return and it complains about type! I want to just exit the script. I don't want to create if elsif elseif elseif endif. In fact each of the blocks of code could be if xxx then do a do b do c if (error condition) then ??? goto or exit or return or response.end ??? end if end if Note: this is from the main script block not a function. This is ASP 3.0 but running ASP.NET HELP! [2nd ASP Project, kind of neat stuff though, I usually sling C++ code]
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  • Re: response.end VS goto VS return

    Sep 08, 2004 09:30 PM|Ken Schaefer|LINK

    Create a function, and use Exit Function You really should get hold of the VBScript reference: Response.End stops all processing of the current page. Cheers Ken