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Last post Sep 22, 2004 10:36 PM by AlexB1318

  • ASP.NET Application Timeout Avoidance

    Aug 02, 2004 08:57 PM|ryanscully|LINK

    Hello, I have been writing an class that will take extensive times to finish. If I run the class in my browser it will definitely timeout and I don't want to mess with IIS's TimeOut settings. I'm sure there is a way, but I don't know it; to instead of compiling with vbc.exe to a DLL file, compile it using the EXE extension. Then I could run it on the computer and not through a browser. My question is though how would I start the NameSpace/Class? Would the Page Load sub still Be Sub Page_Load(Sender as Object, e as EventArgs)? or would it change? Do modules have anything to do with what i want to do? Thankyou Ryan
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    Sep 22, 2004 08:12 PM|AlexB1318|LINK

    If you want to create a windows executable then you have to create an EXE type project, add a reference to your DLL, and create a sub Main() that calls the methods you want to execute. I have some code in my web project that runs for a long time (~45 min) but my browser never times out and it's got the standard IIS 20min timeout value. I just leave it alone and it eventually returns. As a alternative you can run it asyncronously in your browser. There's an MSDN article on that but unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. Good luck.