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  • How to link my server IP address to domain

    Mar 16, 2020 10:58 PM|aramhai|LINK

    Hello! Sorry for my English...

    I have windows server with IIS 10.

    My website in port 80. when i enter the server ip in the browser the website works.

    Now i want to link my website to domain address.

    I bought a domain address. in the domain address provider admin panel i link the domain address to my server IP address.

    (Ping to the domain name does not works).

    In IIS, i set biding to the domain name:

    in DNS Manger i setup new forword lookup zone to my domain:


    I tried to set New Host (A or AAA) and i get this error:

    and this is my DNS settings:

    when i try to open the domain i get error.

    so... How to link my server IP address to domain?

  • Re: How to link my server IP address to domain

    Mar 17, 2020 07:36 AM|Jalpa Panchal|LINK


    The reason behind the error is you do not have a reverse lookup zone created in your DNS forest. You also have created associate pointer (PTR) record checked by default, so it will attempt to create a reverse record.

    1.Ensure you have reverse-lookup

    2. Ensure a domain is entered for the reverse lookup zone

    3. Ensure the correct IP is entered

    4. Ensure period and hyphen is in correct format

     you could refer this below link:

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  • Re: How to link my server IP address to domain

    Mar 31, 2020 02:11 PM|Max44|LINK

    DNS servers only associate names with addresses and has nothing to do with ports or packet redirection. These things are done through servers, proxies, firewalls, and clients. For example, standard HTTP requests from your web browser makes a request packet addressed to a (domain name that is translated to) an IP address and port based upon standards for the protocol that it is using which would be HTTP. FTP would use another port.

    DNS servers connect the domain name to the IP address thus allowing the request packet to be addressed. Nothing more.

    In this case, the A record is the correct thing to do for the parent domain ( You would use a CNAME (alias) to associate any sub-domain such as www to the parent domain.

    Your server would have to server your content on port 443 or have a proxy server or firewall redirect port requests from 443 to the port you are using if not 443.

    Standard HTTP requests are made on port 80. SSL (secure) HTTPS requests are made on port 443. If you simply type your domain name ( or in your browser, it would be served on port 80. In most cases where someone wants to serve HTTPS (SSL) only, they redirect web requests to using a standard redirect. For Apache, this is a fairly easy thing to do using apache2.conf or more commonly the .htaccess file if enabled and it exists.

  • Re: How to link my server IP address to domain

    Apr 01, 2020 12:20 AM|lextm|LINK


    and this is my DNS settings:

    Then why do you want to use Google's DNS servers instead of your own? Keep in mind that you previous DNS records only applicable to your own DNS servers, and Google won't care about them.

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