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  • IIS8 Web Garden App Pool Hang

    Jan 09, 2020 11:39 AM|iiswozza|LINK

    Hey folks

    Continuing on from some previous IIS hanging issues, I'm running Windows Server 2012, II8

    I've got 5 worker processes defined for the max worker processes

    the server is using low CPU and about 50% memory usage (32 gigs ram)

    everything has been fine for about 9 days and today we had a hang

    stopped the app pool, started again, all was fine

    logs showed nothing 

    when the website was slow / hung, I checked the worker processes and they were all running

    what else can I do for prevention of a hang? would increasing the max worker processes to say 10 be a good strategy?

    any other IIS configuration tips to prevent this type of occurrence?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: IIS8 Web Garden App Pool Hang

    Jan 09, 2020 01:41 PM|Rovastar|LINK

    Generally Web gardens are horrible and you should never use them.
    They never fix the root cause and just cause more confusion in attempting to fix them.
    Petsonally I wish this debug mode was never made available in IIS manager.

    We will probably have active requests queued up somewhere which you should investigate.
    Troubleshoot IIS in style
  • Re: IIS8 Web Garden App Pool Hang

    Jan 09, 2020 11:44 PM|iiswozza|LINK

    Hi, I did also suspect the request queue, I noticed the limit was set to 1000 and so I have since increased it to 3000

    how do I tell how many requests are queued / monitor them?


  • Re: IIS8 Web Garden App Pool Hang

    Jan 10, 2020 06:47 AM|Jalpa Panchal|LINK


    You could set the quest length in iis application pool advanced setting:

    To monitor iis request Queue you could use process monitor:

    Go to Start
    Search for “Performance Monitor“
    Click on the green plus sign (+) at the top of the window
    Choose a category (Processor, Memory etc.)
    Choose a sub-category (% Processor Time, Available Mbytes etc.)
    Choose an object (_Total, <All instances> etc.)
    Click “Add“
    Click “OK“

    I would recommend checking the performance counters below if you want to monitor the resource usage in IIS server:

    Processor (All instances – % Processor Time): CPU consumption by processes
    Memory (Available Mbytes): Available memory in Windows Server
    HTTP Service Request Queues (CurrentQueueSize): The request count in the IIS queue
    .NET CLR Exceptions (# of Exceptions Thrown/sec): Amount of System.NullReferenceException thrown
    APP_POOL_WAS (For all listed Application Pools):
    Current Application Pool State: The state of application pools
    Current Application Pool Uptime: The web application uptime period since the last restart



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