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Last post Jul 02, 2019 05:10 PM by shadon

  • Configure SMTP Basic Authentication with Powershell

    Jul 02, 2019 05:10 PM|shadon|LINK

    Hi All,

    I like to use powershell to add basic authentication in virtal smtp server. Basic Authentication need to be enabled on "Outbound Security" and field values (username and password) need to be added. From this link : , I learned username and password is RoutingUsername and RoutingPassword. 

    Created my powershell like this:

    Import-Module ServerManager
    Add-WindowsFeature SMTP-Server,Web-Mgmt-Console,WEB-WMI
    $SMTPServer = Get-WmiObject IISSmtpServerSetting -namespace “ROOT\MicrosoftIISv2” | Where-Object { $ -like “SmtpSVC/1” }
    $SMTPServer.RouteUserName = 'username'
    $SMTPServer.RoutePassword = 'password'

    But isn't getting any result.