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Help with URl rewrites in ARRRSS

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Last post Aug 15, 2017 07:16 AM by Yuk Ding

  • Help with URl rewrites in ARR

    Aug 14, 2017 03:43 PM|daniel555|LINK

    Hello all,

    I was put in charge of using ARR as a proxy and setting up a new web application to run simultaneously with our old one.  I am simply a programmer that was put in charge of this, so I am struggling a little bit and could really use some help.

    My set up:  I have two server farms and they each have 2 servers in them: tomcat2 and weblogic2

    So to avoid everyone at our organization having to change bookmarked links we decided to use a cookie to determine whether the request should go to tomcat server farm or weblogic server farm. 

    Currently I can get the url rewrite to work, but for whatever reason it seems like the "stop processing of subsequent rules" doesn't work.  I end up getting a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error.

    I am not sure what information would be beneficial to you, but I can provide anything needed and I will do it as quickly as possible.  Thank you in advance for your help.

    EDIT: For whatever it's worth, I actually think the rewrite is working, but something with the session is happening.  Depending on what DNS I use to access a certain page (regardless of on tomcat or weblogic) that determines if my session variables or null, or really if the session is the same as what I was using.

    EDIT: Took one server out of my tomcat server farm, and everything works correctly now.  Some how it isn't sharing sessions or something.  Client Affinity is checked.  During a lot of the navigation the session seems to stay intact, but other times it doesnt. Does client affinity go away after a URL rewrite to a new server farm?

  • Re: Help with URl rewrites in ARR

    Aug 15, 2017 07:16 AM|Yuk Ding|LINK

    Hi daniel555,

    Could you provide your rewrite rule and a sample about the redirected url? In addition, to fix the too_many_redirect error, please enable the failed request tracing which could provide the rewrite detail in IIS pipeline:


    To ensure the session will not disturb the rewrite, you may need to check whether the session state is set to something like state server.

    Best Regards,

    Yuk Ding

    Yuk Ding

    MSDN Community Support
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