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  • Using Wordpress with WebMatrix

    Nov 10, 2016 02:27 PM|windowsuser111|LINK


    I am getting a bunch of errors when I try to install Wordpress with Windows Platform Installer 5.0 on my Windows 10 machine. So I have decided to install Wordpress manually instead and use it with WebMatrix.

    Where do I need to install Wordpress if WebMatrix and its related components need to act as my local host? How do I get the bindings done?

    Please help. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

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    Nov 11, 2016 07:16 AM|Yuk Ding|LINK

    Hi windowsuser,

    Have you tried my solution to reinstall the wordpress and MySQL in order? I think it is a bit complicated to install wordpress manually.

    You need to download the wordpress and extract the folder to php's path. Change the name of wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, Then open it with notepad and fill in the following information:

    /** MySQL database username */
    define('DB_USER', 'username_here');
    /** MySQL database password */
    define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password_here');
    /** MySQL hostname */
    define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
    /** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
    /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */
    define('DB_COLLATE', '');
    define('AUTH_KEY',         'put your unique phrase here');
    define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY',  'put your unique phrase here');
    define('LOGGED_IN_KEY',    'put your unique phrase here');
    define('NONCE_KEY',        'put your unique phrase here');
    define('AUTH_SALT',        'put your unique phrase here');
    define('SECURE_AUTH_SALT', 'put your unique phrase here');
    define('LOGGED_IN_SALT',   'put your unique phrase here');
    define('NONCE_SALT',       'put your unique phrase here');

    Third step is upload the worpress folder to IIS site and input the following URL in web browser:http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php.

    Best Regards,

    Yuk Ding

    Yuk Ding

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