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    WinCache 2.0 EXPERIMENTAL PHP7 development bits on SourceForge

    Aug 18, 2015 05:37 PM|DropPhone|LINK


    I need some help from PHP community members to start testing the next version of WinCache for PHP7.  For those brave and hearty souls who would like to see WinCache working on PHP 7, here is your opportunity to help!

    I've dropped an EXPERIMENTAL version WinCache 2.0 for PHP7 up on SourceForge:




    • I have tested this with PHP 7.0.0beta3 (from
    • This is vc14 NTS ONLY.
    • This includes the first x64 version of WinCache.
    • I've tested with the PHP regression test suite, but have not tested with any major framework.  If anyone can test with WordPress, Drupal, etc., I'd really appreciate it!
    • I've done some quick FastCGI testing with IIS, but no stress or long-haul testing.
    • The opcode portion of WinCache has been removed.  You should use Zend Opcache.
    • Because the opcode cache is gone, you'll have to use the new wincache.php that's included in the self-extracting archive.


    • If you run into a crash, please contact me (private message on the forums), and send me the repro script.  If you don't have a repro, I can't investigate.
    • If you are able to capture crash dumps of any failing cases, please contact me (private message on the forums), and we can somehow arrange transfer of the dump file so I can investigate.


    These bits are EXPERIMENTAL.  That means they're not extensively tested, and may contain crashing bugs.  No one should put these bits anywhere near a production environment.  Caveat Emptor: You have been warned!