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Unable to get to web sites from inside network [Answered]RSS

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Last post Sep 11, 2014 12:58 PM by 4ndrew

  • Unable to get to web sites from inside network

    Aug 15, 2014 04:47 PM|4ndrew|LINK


    I am inexperienced with IIS so I have a few questions about bindings that I am hoping someone can answer

    I have an IIS 6 server win one public ip and three websites.  I can get to websites from outside the network.  But I can not get to them from inside the network.  I want to do so without adding any local DNS records or making any changes to hosts file on anyone's computer.  I am not that familiar with IIS host bindings, so I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

    • Firewall is a Sonicwall NSA 2400 with recent firmware
    • Web server running iis6
      • Internal ip
      • Public ip
      • Websites
        • Default web site
        • Website 1      
        • Website 2                           
        • Website 3                   


    Website name ,   IP address, Port,  Host header Value

    Default Web Site     default 80      (blank)

    Website 1            default 80            www.publicname1.com          

    Website 2            default 80            www.publicname2.com          

    Website 3           default 80             www.publicname3.com              



    Reason's why I think the firewall is set up ok:

    • I have a similar loopback NAT rule for Outlook Web Access, and it allows works properly.  Internal users can get to the OWA page of the mail server using the external name, and there aren’t any extra internal DNS A records for that
    • From inside the network, when I go to it takes me to the under construction page of the default web site

    I'd prefer to create any forward lookup zones in DNS on my domain controller.  I know that I could do that to probably work around this problem, but I don't want to be have to manage a whole bunch of DNS records.

    Does anyone know if there is anything else I need to do in IIS to get these three web sites to work internally?  Am I missing some kind of host header setup some place in IIS?


    Thanks a lot for any help,



    Hostheaders MultipleWebSites hostbindings

  • Re: Unable to get to web sites from inside network

    Aug 15, 2014 06:54 PM|terridonahue|LINK

    That is happening because you are using host headers. You can add the internal IP address mapped to the DNS name in your local hosts file and you'll be able to browse the sites on your internal network.

    Hostheaders MultipleWebSites hostbindings

    Terri Donahue
    Microsoft MVP ASPNET/IIS

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  • Re: Unable to get to web sites from inside network

    Sep 11, 2014 12:58 PM|4ndrew|LINK


    I would like to follow up with what the fix was.  The issue was with our Sonicwall firewall.  One of the loopback NAT rules was corrupt.   The settings appeared correct.  We deleted the NAT rule and recreated it with the same settings and the problem is now resolved


    Hostheaders MultipleWebSites hostbindings