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  • WPI and different php versions

    Apr 20, 2014 03:00 PM|Mabel2|LINK

    On a new windows machine, I installed PHP, version 5.5.11, manually under IIS 7.5. After only a few hickups, the page 'test.php' (calling phpinfo) testified of the health of my  installation - or so I thought.
    I don't know why I didn't think of using the marvellous Web Platform Installer to do this, but I didn't. Starting the WPI it became apparent that it doesn't recognise my existing php installation, so it doesn't want to install anything dependent on php. Thus, I used WPI to, again, download & install php, version 5.5.8 this time. No errors; php-files were placed in a different folder; lines were added for the FastCGI module and under 'handlers'.
    But now I have this situation: the phpinfo function still indicates that it is my manual installation (5.5.11) which is used, while the WPI indicates it's version 5.5.8 (located in a different folder). Thinking this might lead to all kinds of problems, I tried to get rid of my (manual) installation of version 5.5.11 by deleting the reference to it, first in the 'handlers' section, then in the 'FasCGI' section, leaving only the reference to the version installed by WPI. But immediately php stopped functioning (the obiquitous error 500).
    I added, in the FastCGI section, the reference I had just deleted, and everything seemed OK again.
    So I have two questions:
    1) What could be preventing the software installed by WPI to function properly? Is there somewhere a reference which I overlooked?
    2) Could it be harmful that WPI thinks php is installed in a different folder then the  working version of php actually is? Would it, for example, lead to errors when I proceed to install wordpress and drupal?
    Thanks in advance for any experiences or thoughts on the subject.

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    Apr 20, 2014 10:19 PM|peterviola|LINK


    It sounds like you need to uninstall the older version of PHP that you did manually.


    Peter Viola
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