Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin with OVP and OSMFRSS

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  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin with OVP and OSMF

    Apr 02, 2014 12:00 PM|larocque|LINK

    I have used Live Microsoft Smooth Streaming through Silverlight for
    years, and have never got to the bottom of an issue. Historically
    Silverlight has had problems with GPU acceleration, causing horizontal
    tearing and motion stutter on various platforms (search Netflix and
    “tearing” and you will see). This seemed to be fixed by a parameter you
    can pass to the Smooth XAP in your HTML initialization, called
    "enableGPUAcceleration". The problem is, I can only set this parameter
    in a basic Silverlight player built from an Expression Encoder Template.
    If you use Open Video Player Silverlight edition, there is no
    possibility to enable this parameter. I have consistently had the bad
    playback in OVP on any device, any browser, any OS. When I heard
    Microsoft had released Smooth Streaming Plugin for playback in Flash
    environment (OSMF) I was excited to try it out, and see if I could get
    better playback. Unfortunately I have found OSMF has identical symptoms
    to OVP Silverlight. I enable/disable Stage video in OSMF, or GPU
    acceleration in Flash, no difference. It seems the only way the Smooth
    Streaming plugin works right is if it is used in the basic Expression
    Encoder template. Or, maybe I am missing a way to pass “enableGPU”
    directly to the Silverlight plugin in OSMF/OVP? Do you have success with
    the Smooth plugin in other players?

    Note: I found also if you build a Windows 8 App test player using the Microsoft walkthrough, the Smooth Stream performance is perfect. I need to find out how to make Smooth work perfect in 3rd party browser players.

  • Re: Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin with OVP and OSMF

    Apr 04, 2014 03:58 AM|Jenny Li-MSFT|LINK

    Hi there,

    You'e better give comment on the OVP's official website like , and feedback of Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF on

    have your tried MMP Player enableGPUAcceleration can be set in the html file check

  • Re: Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin with OVP and OSMF

    Apr 08, 2014 09:33 PM|larocque|LINK

    Thank you for your advice. To share with you all, the solution for OSMF was this: Microsoft Expression Silverlight templates are using “enableGPUacceleration” as a proxy to enable CacheMode=BitmapCache on the MediaElement it creates internally. I was able to successfully set CacheMode=BitmapCache in Strobe Player, by initializing the Smooth Streaming plugin as follows: param name=”flashvars” value=”src=MyStream&plugin_AdaptiveStreamingPlugin=AdaptiveStreamingPluginLocation&AdaptiveStreamingPlugin_CacheMode=BitmapCache. All the tearing and stutter is fixed, and Strobe player plays as smoothly as Expression templates. OVP I have not been successful with yet. MMP does not have the capabilities I need.