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Last post Jan 14, 2014 09:32 PM by Pengzhen Song - MSFT

  • Winhttp 5.1 error with classic asp

    Jan 11, 2014 12:54 PM|jaf cet|LINK


    I'm getting the following error under a classic asp code when trying to retrieve using winhttp5.1.
    The error is:
    Results: For some reason, .ASP files can no longer be retreived using WinHttp.WinHttprequest.5.1 The request eventually times-out without any data returned.
    We have a recent update running on the specific windows server which installed 4.5.1, not sure whether this affected the classic asp connection using winhttp.
    Site is running integrated model application pool with "load user profile" set to true(tried "false" as well.
    We can see winhttp.dll under both system32 and syswow64 folder.

    Server configuration:
    windows web server 2008 R2 SP1
    IIS 7.5

    I posted this in MS forum at and they redirected me to here. Please update if any one is aware of this issue.

  • Re: Winhttp 5.1 error with classic asp

    Jan 12, 2014 08:12 PM|Ken Schaefer|LINK


    It is unclear from your post whether you are trying to retrieve a remote ASP file using winhttp or you are trying to use winhttp within an ASP page. Can you clarify what you are doing?

    Secondly, can you post the error message you are receiving?


  • Re: Winhttp 5.1 error with classic asp

    Jan 14, 2014 12:38 AM|merlinthecat|LINK

    Hi, I just joined and am not sure what the posting etiquette is... however we're having exactly the same problem and I can provide more details.

    As mentioned above, the problem started as soon as .net 4.5.1 was installed on a windows 2008 server with IIS 7.5. Which our hosting provider just did on Dec 29, 2013.

    The problem occurs when any classic ASP page uses winhttp (WinHttp.WinHttprequest.5.1 or MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP or Microsoft.XMLHTTP) in server code to retrieve (get or post) a 2nd ASP page within the same domain,

    The request now time-outs and returns a "the data is not yet available" error. This occurs regardless whether the settimeouts values are increased and, even if a secondary wrapper file written in ASPX or CGI (that then gets the 2nd ASP page) is called by the main ASP page.

    Strangely, it's still possible to get a ASP from an external domain and get other types of pages such as ASPX, CGI, .JPG, etc... just not ASP pages within the same domain.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


  • Re: Winhttp 5.1 error with classic asp

    Jan 14, 2014 02:12 PM|jaf cet|LINK


    The same issue mentioned by  "merlinthecat" is what we are facing exactly. Please let us know your thoughts on this.

  • Re: Winhttp 5.1 error with classic asp

    Jan 14, 2014 09:32 PM|Pengzhen Song - MSFT|LINK


    Using ServerXMLHTTP or WinHTTP objects to make recursive Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests to the same Internet Information Server (IIS) server is not recommended. More specifically, the calling Active Server Page (ASP) should not send requests to an ASP in the same virtual directory or to another virtual directory in the same pool or process. This can result in poor performance due to thread starvation.

    For more information, you can refer the kb:;en-us;316451

    As a workaround, we can try using WebRequest,Webresponse. For more information, you can refer here

    HOpe it can help you.

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