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  • Web Pages serve slowly the first time. Then OK

    Sep 24, 2013 09:46 PM|IrvineGuy|LINK

    This problem cropped up a few months ago.  Before, I believe, this problem did not exist.

    I'm suspecting a service pack update might be the cause but...speculation.

    On Server 2003, a website takes serveral seconds (10-15) to display.  Once it is displayed, it will appear quickly on other browsers right afterward.  If I wait 3-5 minutes and refresh, it takes a long time to connect and download again (Chrome displays "connecting" in status bar).  It seems like there is short-term server cache but then clears out quickly.  I've looked at all the Application setrtings and they are at default.  Cache is turned on for each website.  Using host-headers and most, but not all websites are demonstrating this behavior.  It seems almost random.  Any ideas where to look/what to tweek?

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  • Re: Web Pages serve slowly the first time. Then OK

    Sep 24, 2013 11:26 PM|lextm|LINK

    It is very likely to be caused by the web site itself, who requires a lot of time to initialize for the first time.

    You either grab the developers to check it out, or perform hang dump analysis to get some hints.

    An experienced IIS administrator should be able to follow the steps here,


    But if you cannot understand why that helps, please open a support case via http://support.microsoft.com to involve Microsoft support team directly.


    IIS6.0 servercache iisslowtoconnect

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