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  • Making a SubDirectory to a site on another server

    Jun 13, 2013 01:26 PM|DavidLeeGG|LINK


    We have a domain, and on another server have another site called

    We'd like to take the other site "internal" and create

    I wonder if there are any cautions or "gotchas" that the knowledgable experts on here might have, as this is my first time making a subdomain.

    I presume I need to:

    1) register the domain name

    2) create the site in IIS ( this is where I have some questions )

      - in the "home directory" tab do I just choose "share located on another computer"?

      - I've added "virtual directories" to sites before, leading to other physical folders on the same server, but never to a site's physical files on another server.



  • Re: Making a SubDirectory to a site on another server

    Jun 13, 2013 04:34 PM|Rick Barber|LINK

    Hi DavidLeeGG,

    First, for the subdomain, you don't need to register it.  Find out where the DNS is hosted for and add a host (A) record that points to the IP address of the server that will be hosting the subdomain.

    To minimize permissions issues and reduce the complexity of the setup, I recommend that you keep the content local on the server.  I do understand that is not always possible, though.  So yes, you would select a share located on another computer.  You will want to make sure the folder on the other computer is set to share.

    Additionally, to make it easier to setup and maintain, I'd recommend creating an AD user for this setup with no elevated permissions.  If you're not running AD, create a user with the exact same password on each server.  Also give that user permissions to the share above as well as NTFS permissions on the disk where the files reside.  Additionally, you would set that user under 'Connect As' button beside where you select 'A share located on another computer.'

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