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Last post Oct 08, 2012 06:36 AM by Tuga


    Oct 08, 2012 06:36 AM|Tuga|LINK

    Hello there guys i am newbie with this and programming but i would like to ask you guys if possible to have the tutorial how to add exe/dll files to the %windir%iis root IIS 7/5 with icon and the files exe to be in the control panel of IIS7 7.5 other i want to build my own applications and public them for others use as GPL i have few ideas to build for the IIS7 one of the ideas is one listview with all the hosting folders and sites list all websites hosted on the server another idea is to make one listview security for change the security chmod 777 to use on windows server to use php files with chmod 777 on server i try to run php but it says security and gives me error another application to use RTMP STREAMING FLASH OR OTHER add the RTMP STREAMING Path folder and a listview with all the streaming website hosted on the server other is possible to use apache modules on IIS root to use php files who required apache server just add the apache modules to IIS root folder and run php files like linux apache add one application for FTP clients shows all the list clients hosted listview with login time and logout on FTP folders add one application for hosting list like add each folder this chat folder all chat websites here business folder all business here dating folder all dating site here xxx folder all xxx sites here and so on one listview and one combobox combocbox chat dating business homeserver family one button to add more like hotel, restaurants and so on listview list IP address foldername sitename directory folder C:/dating/dating.com , F:/,chat/IISchat.com E:/, business size files files time email hosted dated to have a better view and easy to get this way will be easy for manage the server folder using a listviw list if possible send me one tutorial how to build application to IIS7 and add on directory root and use on the panel i hope to hear from you