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  • Assigning a certificate to an ip port

    Nov 11, 2010 08:27 AM|rkr31|LINK


    I need to assign a cert to an ip for ssl in IIS.  The page: kind of tells me what i need to do under the "Assigning the Certificate to the IP:Port of the IIS Binding" heading.  The problem is that i dont know which hash to use.  This will be fully scripted so we will have no idea of the hash and there are going to be lots of certificates.

    If i run the command dir cert:\localmachine\my i get the following :

    Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Security\Certificate::localmachine\my

    Thumbprint                                Subject
    ----------                                -------
    C4DF036D3F5FBFB8CF6FE6C943BB465770221AA3, OU=IT, O=MY Company4, L=Londo
    AD742D16B85F89860C98D70735BD1492BDF3D14C, OU=IT, O=MY Company4, L=Londo
    9DD5EF844BCD755049EDD67C1691EE8C65AE2375, OU=IT, O=MY Company4, L=Londo

    Now....How can i run the following but using the known Subject field rather then the hash.  In actual fact, only the CN part of the subject

    PS IIS:\SslBindings> get-item cert:\LocalMachine\MY\7ABF581E134280162AFFFC81E62011787B3B19B5 | new-item!443

     Thanks in advance


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    Nov 11, 2010 09:27 AM|rkr31|LINK

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    Jan 04, 2011 03:51 AM|suchiwa|LINK


    Could help you :

     Without certificates services in your network, use selfSSL

    selfSSL /T /N:CN=<CERTIFICATENAME> /V:365 /S:1

    and then:


    $thumbPath = ls cert:\LocalMachine\My

     Where you can specify your certificate with [0,1,2,3...]

    ssl hash