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  • Some info on Wordpress MU

    Feb 22, 2010 01:32 PM|XavierHH|LINK

    I'm a webmaster and site designer and have worked with IIS almost exclusively for many years. Love the product.

    At the request of some clients, I've recently started working with Wordpress and have successfully installed it with the XAMPP solution. However, since this installs Apache by default, it's been somewhat difficult to get IIS and Apache to work together on the same machine.

    Then I found the Microsoft Web Application Gallery and I was in heaven. I've already installed Wordpress on my Server 2003 IIS 6 box without a problem. However since I've received so many requests for blog setups, I've been seriously considering installing the Multi-User version of Wordpress.

    My question is what would be the best procedure to follow in order to do this, since by default the Wordpress installation in the gallery is the single user version. I've looked through the Wordpress forums with absolutely no luck ( they're mostly users that have others do their hosting and wouldn't know what to do with an IIS setup or configuration )

    I would appreciate any advice and maybe links to other sites that provide suggestions on how to do this, if, in fact, it's possible.

    Thank you so much.



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    Feb 22, 2010 09:04 PM|don.raman|LINK


    I would suggest just download the MU package of Wordpress and try installing it in a similar way as single user Wordpress. I don't see a major difference between these two. In case you face any problem, you can ask in their forum.



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    Feb 23, 2010 09:44 AM|XavierHH|LINK

    Thanks Don.

    I will remove the files ( Wordpress SU ) the installer placed in the folder and extract the Wordpress MU files.

    I also came accross this posting from their forum which confirms what you said:

    Only thing is I'm running Win Serv 2003 with IIS 6.0.

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    Mar 11, 2010 02:11 PM|himp|LINK

    We had the same problem too, so we installed the MU package of Wordpress and so far so good. Good luck.