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  • Quick Benchmark

    Sep 02, 2009 03:43 PM|festuc|LINK

    PHP Benchmark


         I have done a quick test. I used a large forum for do the tests ( http://www.clubmbfaq.es/foro ).

         See results:

    ZendPHP 5.2 (10sec)= 4.0 pag/sec
    ZendPHP 5.2 (30sec)= 4.9 Pag/sec
    ZendPHP 5.2 + Optimizer (30sec)= 11.0 Pag/sec
    ZendPHP 5.2 + Optimizer + Datacache (30sec) = 11.0 Pag/sec

    PHP 5.3 (1sec)= 8.9 pag/sec
    PHP 5.3 (30sec)= 9.8 pag/sec
    PHP 5.3 + MScache (1sec)= 14.0 pag/sec
    PHP 5.3 + MScache (30sec)= 15.0 pag/sec

    PHP 5.2 (1sec)= 7.0 pag/sec
    PHP 5.2 (30sec)= 8.3 pag/sec
    PHP 5.2 + MScache (1sec)= 14.0 pag/sec
    PHP 5.2 + MScache (30sec)= 15.0 pag/sec

         It is interesting to see that using Cache extension there seem to be not diference between php5.2 and php5.3.

         Also Datacache for Zend don't offer anything in that page, so perfect oportunity to disable datacache and try to use Windows Cache Extension with ZendServer. A new test to do in future.

        I have not used in any case output buffering.

        Best Regards...


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    Sep 02, 2009 04:19 PM|ksingla|LINK

    Hi festuc,

    Thanks for sharing these numbers with us. Did you also collect average CPU usage for these runs? Also what was the IIS FastCGU maxInstances setting? Because wincache helps reduce CPU utilization as well, you can increase the maxInstances count when using wincache. Ideal maxInstances setting with wincache is going to be higher than when wincache is not present. Is it possible for you to monitor CPU usage and if CPU usage with wincache is very low, keep maxInstances number higher for wincache runs?


  • Re: Quick Benchmark

    Sep 02, 2009 05:15 PM|festuc|LINK


          I sorry but I haven't got any CPU numbers.

          I had the maxInstances configured to 10.

          I will try to do some of the test you suggest.

          The next test I want to try is running WinCache with Optimizer+

          Best Regards.