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  • WCAT 6.3.1 - Need Help with own DLL

    Feb 19, 2009 08:36 AM|bebad|LINK


    i've tried WCAT 6.3.1 for testing my websites. I got WCAT running and were able to post needed informations against different sites, but i've got an aspx-website that generates hidden fields so i can post them against another aspx-file. But i need the values of those hidden fields at my WCAT tests so i've tried to write a DLL in .NET (C#) that read the needed value from my database and returns it, but I can't get that Library working. After compiling the DLL i used the tutorial on http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/DllExport.aspx to export the .NET Functions for unmanaged Code. That worked fine, but WCAT still runs into errors:

    [w2k3ads1] Warning: Parse Error: failure loading specified library 'wcat.dll' on
     line 44
    Invalid code received.
     message: Run error detected, terminating clients...

    Here is a snippet of my ubr-File:
            dll = "wcat.dll";

                name    = "Get_Phone";
                export  = "Get_Phone";

            id = "Phone";
            weight = 1;
                url         = "/Default.aspx";
                verb        = POST;
                postdata    = Get_Phone();
                cookies        = true;
                statuscode  = 200;


    I didn't found much documentation or examples for using own DLL Libraries and the Readme.doc didn't helped me much either. So i hope someone can show me how i can get it to work...



  • Re: WCAT 6.3.1 - Need Help with own DLL

    Aug 28, 2011 01:52 AM|neeleshjjain|LINK

     Hey Be,

    Is this still a issue?  Check which version of WCat are you using? You need to have the same version of the DLL to be loaded.  For e.g., if you have installed 32 bit WCat tool then you need to have the 32 bit dll in the wcat installed folder.



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