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  • Load testing a windows 2008 media server

    Oct 10, 2008 10:39 AM|dragmore|LINK

    Hi guys. Im very new to windows media and 2008 server..  Im tinkering around to find how many streams of 3mbit i can push through my server.. For this ive setup a few lab images on my workstation at home (windows vista64bit 8gbram quad core) running vmware 6.0.5..

    The windows 2008 server isntalled fine and im able to stream both via mms and rtsp from the streaming server from my mediaplayer11..

    Then i installed Windows Media Loadtester 9.0 from :


    And when i start the test (yes ive placed the .asf file in the root directory;)) i get a responce : 

     SERVER ACCESS DENIED... CODE 0x0000000 Discription: The operation completed successfull...

    I cant seem to find a solution for this.. Ive even disabled the firewall on the server.. and i even got a friend to test this tool from his pc to his live windows2003 server already running 1000's of customers.. ;).. same problem for him..

    Anyone know whats wrong and what i can use? Is there an updated tool for this job?

    best regards TE

    Ive installed a 2008 std server with 2 cpu's and 1gb ram for lab-purposes in a vmware 

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    Oct 20, 2008 02:41 PM|prakashd|LINK

    Is your default publishing point enabled and HTTP protocol enabled? The load simluartor will first try to stream wmload.asf from default publishing point using HTTP protocol.

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    Oct 20, 2008 03:29 PM|dragmore|LINK

     Hi. Would u mind elaborating abit more on if the default publishing point is enabled?

    The HTTP protocoll is disabled due to the fact that i have IIS running on port 80..

    Im spesifying rtsp as protocoll for the loadtester anyway..

    thx for the response ;)


    Ok i have no idea why i didnt check this at all... Default publishing point was disabled.. while my own made p.points were enabled... I cant recall reading about this in the "manual".. but nevertheless.. Im sitting here loading 180 streams of 6mbit HD vod from my PC running against a windows2008 server running under vmware workstation.. and no packetdrops after 5mins.. The server images is in additin doing a windows update ;))

    Im reading 500mbit/s network bandwith used..

    Ok over to the questions:

    The logs says A-Hokey.. but im getting alot of :

    10/20/08 22:06: 19,client 00B4BD60 id=2257, mediastream=0x65534b3, Crazy, Failed while start striding, rtspt://...... : The request is invalid in the current state..

    Anyone have any idea what this is about?

    thx a ton for the pointers..

     BR TE




    br TE