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  • IIS 5 Slow after a while

    Oct 04, 2008 01:07 PM|finger|LINK

    Hi everyone,

    I developed a Intranet aplication in PHP, MySQL which is running on Windows 200 Server with 1GB ram. The config is default.

    I have up to 800 page views per day ant everithing works fine since 2005. The only problem is I have to reboot the server each 2 days because the  performance goes slow down after sometime. I mean: some request which takes 200ms after reboot the system will take 1600ms after 48hs then the server is running.

    I am a newbie in Server configuration, however I guess the problem is related to cache or something like that. To reboot the system works for me, but I think it is not the proper solution.

    I'd appreciate some help.


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    Oct 04, 2008 07:06 PM|ma_khan|LINK

    You are running PHP on windows 2000 ... that's good ... I haven't seen many ppl do that :)..

    Have you noticed the memory consumption after a day, is it increasing ... ??


  • Re: IIS 5 Slow after a while

    Oct 04, 2008 09:34 PM|finger|LINK

    That is right. My role is to develop the aplication. I do that in my lap top under Windows XP and afterwards I export it to our Server. Nowadays it is running on Windows 2000, however I have another similar app running on Windows 2003 Server.

    You are right, I've noticed the memory consumption after a day. We upgraded the server memory from 500MB to 1GB, so the server is ok for 48 hs, after that we have to reboot it. My aplication has been developed with PHP, MySQL, and now I added a lot of Ajax in the code. If I have a delayed response from the server it is really a problem for Ajax.

    The problem is nobody from our IT dept has any experience with WEB Servers. And my role is just to develop the aplication.

    If you have any tips about how to solve the memory consumption I'd appreciate.

     Thanks in advance!

  • Re: IIS 5 Slow after a while

    Oct 04, 2008 11:58 PM|ma_khan|LINK

    I really havn't worked with php on windows 2000 so I wouldn't know much ... but if it is windows 2003 ... you can check how much memory is being consumped by w3wp.exe process ... windows 2000 if I were to take a guess should be dllhost.exe ... You can view that memory per process stats in the task manager itself... you will get an idea if your app or server needs more than 1GB of ram...

    Also, you should try to track what has changed in the past 15-20 days ... because you say the app was working before .. so even that can give you some clue ....