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Last post Sep 16, 2008 02:35 AM by palantir

  • Questions about errors

    Sep 15, 2008 09:15 AM|palantir|LINK


    I installed PHP5 on IIS7 (Windows Server 2008) and it works as expected. However I have some questions about errors and warnings. I come from Apache, no IIS experience.

    1. If I run the script from localhost, after I have disabled the Friendly Errors in Internet Explorer, I can see the error message. But if I do the same from a Firefox on another computer, I get a 500 error back: how can I get the errors to appear on the other computers as well? Or is this firefox?

     2. Apparently, when a script gets a warning, the script stops right there, and does not finish the entire computation. This is really a pain: can I prevent this?

    Thanks for any help


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    Sep 15, 2008 03:13 PM|ksingla|LINK

    1. Do you mean you are getting php 500 error on localhost but some other 500 error on remote host? Can you pls paste error messages on local and remote machines? Also what is your system.webServer/httpErrors configuration? You can use the following command line (run in elevated window).

    appcmd list config http://<URL> /section:httpErrors

    2. Do you want this for php scripts only or for some other scripts as well?


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    Sep 15, 2008 07:30 PM|ruslany|LINK

    Regarding #2: I think this can be prevented by setting fastcgi.logging=0 in php.ini.


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    Sep 16, 2008 02:29 AM|palantir|LINK

    Great, the fastcgi.logging = 0 setting solved both problems!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Sep 16, 2008 02:35 AM|palantir|LINK


    I solved everything with the setting above, which is good for me as I am running only one site on that machine.
    Just to clarify what the problem was - regarding #1, when I was viewing a buggy script on localhost, I saw the extended error reported by PHP (warning: ksort() espect parameter 1 to be array, and such stuff). On any other machine, the browser only reported "500 Internal server error", without any output from PHP at all (even when the error was generated after output from PHP).