Powershell and HTTP:POSTRSS

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  • Powershell and HTTP:POST

    Apr 17, 2008 11:30 AM|Kanien|LINK

    Can you use a powershell script to accept an HTTP:POST in XML form?

     I would like to have a script that can accept a HTTP:POST from my backend server where the content is in XML form and pass that on as an array for account creation. 

     I've done this with CGI / perl and I know of people doing it in PHP, VB, etc.  I'm interested if any powershell guru here has created a handler.

  • Re: Powershell and HTTP:POST

    Apr 19, 2008 01:48 AM|thomad|LINK

    I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it didn't work either. I think PowerShell does too much kung-fu with stdout/in. I gave up after a while.


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