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  • Feature Request: eXtended SSI

    Oct 11, 2007 10:43 AM|David B|LINK

    Apache implements an eXtended SSI module that allows for the features in IIS's ssinc.dll, plus some additional light-weight scripting features such as conditional processing (if,elif,endif) and page defined variables (set var=abc).  This would be nice on IIS.

    If you want to advance this even more, the W3C Jigsaw server did some similar SSI extensions including also cookie access, a looping command and counter incrementing command.  In addition (and probably too heavy) Jigsaw also implements database (JDBC) access via queries.

    The key here is keeping it lightweight, but a little flexible.  A sample use is (on the server side) looking at the browser version and optimizing the output for that browser.  There are already many scripting options for a full application development (e.g. ASP.NET).  Think of this as strictly light-weight control of information display.  This is somewhat analogous to the light-weight scripting provided in JSTL (if you could separate it from the whole servlet back-end).

     Just an idea.


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    Apr 24, 2011 03:52 PM|slywoman|LINK

    thanks for sharing this, David. I completely agree that the key is keeping it lightweight.