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eWEEK's Jim Rapoza believes IIS 7 "worthy of a bit more attention"RSS

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Last post Jul 14, 2006 06:16 PM by chrisad

  • eWEEK's Jim Rapoza believes IIS 7 "worthy of a bit more attention"

    Jul 14, 2006 06:16 PM|chrisad|LINK

    After Beta 2 release of Windows Vista & Longhorn Server, Jim Rapoza of eWeek received a personal tour from IIS Product Unit Manager Bill Staples of IIS7.  Staples pushed through each of the significant changes that have been done in IIS7 under the watchful eye of Rapoza.  Recently, Rapoza shared his feedback with eWeek readers in one of the first press reviews of IIS7.

    In the article, Rapoza points out how Microsoft’s strong dedication to Web security so prominent with IIS6 continues with IIS7.  He also praises the modular design, file-based configuration and the new IIS Manager UI.

    As noted by Rapoza, IIS7 is often overlooked by the overshadowing releases of Windows Vista & Office 2007.  “IIS 7 is worthy of a bit more attention than it is currently receiving” says Rapoza in his eWeek column.

    So if you would like to take Rapoza’s suggestion and give IIS7 a “little more attention,” start right here by checking out the IIS7 home page

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