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  • Re: Configure ARR on IIS Application server

    Jan 19, 2021 04:01 PM|asokanm|LINK

    Hi Samwu,

    The reason we keep 2 ARR server with sticky session enabled is to avoid the single point of failure. 

    Would you please help us to validate the following scenario, As I mentioned earlier we have 2 ARR servers with sticky session enabled and 2 APP servers (SSO enabled).

    The first request goes through ARR1 server and it reaches APP1, then session created successfully.

    If the ARR1 Server goes down our In house LB will switch and redirect the in coming request to the ARR2 server.

    In this case ARR2 server will redirect the incoming request to same APP1 server ?

    Will the existing session reflected automatically or new session will be created ? 

    Thank you,