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  • Unable To Access Site From Hosted Server IIS

    Dec 01, 2020 09:02 PM|HaseebCode|LINK

    We have a little bit of an issue and we would like to see if anyone here can help.

    We have a few websites( ASP.NET) hosted on one IIS Server. Everything works well with no issue. Now the issue is when I try to go to the website from within the server for example I remote connect to the server and open Google chrome and go to the website it says the site is not reachable.

    This is causing issues when the 2 sites within the same server try to call each other the request times out due to not being able to reach the site because it's on the same server.


    SITE1.>> Call. >> SITE2 but since the SITE2 is on the same server it won't load, there for the request times out.

    What can we do to make sure the server is able to reach its own IIS hosted sites? I am assuming this is a networking question, not a development process but I am open to doing anything to get this working!

    Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated!