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  • Re: Help needed with 502.6 error

    Jul 17, 2020 03:41 AM|Yuk Ding|LINK

    Hi Jon_Boy,

    We can't find much document about how to fix 502.6. So we need to enable both failed request tracing and etl log to trace winhttp and winet.

    The way to capture etl would looks like this

    logman create trace "winhttp" -ow -o winhttp.etl -p "Microsoft-Windows-WinHttp" 0xffffffffffffffff 0xff -nb 16 16 -bs 1024 -mode Circular -f bincirc -max 4096 -ets
    @echo off
    ECHO Reproduce your issue and enter any key to stop tracing
    @echo on
    logman stop "wininet" -ets

    However, it require network monitor or dedicated software to review these logs. So if this issue is making business impact, you can open a support ticket to involve professional support engineer.

    Best Regards,

    Jokies Ding

    Yuk Ding

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