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  • Help needed with 502.6 error

    Jul 16, 2020 03:19 PM|Jon_Boy|LINK


    I am seeing intermittent 502.6 errors and need some help to troubeshoot further, please.

    I have found documentation that explains that the error is "502.6 Forwarded request failure (ARR)" however I have not found anything which explains more about what this means. I am seeing the error on a Windows Server 2016 system with ARR 3.0. The farm being routed to is just a local Wildfly instance at There are planty of calls routed without issue and just a very few that generate the 502.6 error.

    The log also records (for sc-win32-status) 12152 which I believe means "The server response cannot be parsed." However I am unclear on what this actually means. The errorr seem to happen three times in a row and are associated with a call to a web service which transfers a file.

    Any pointers gratefully received as my searches have failed to yield any leads so far.

    Thanks in advance.