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  • Re: IIS Application Memory Limits with FastCGI

    Jan 25, 2020 04:42 AM|ryankekos|LINK

    Understood. My question was more related to does IIS memory usage keep track of FastCGI processes that it can spawn. It seems it does at this time. It's not visible however in the IIS API or within IIS Worker Processes but it does seem to keep track. Would be nice if the IIS team would update the API to show memory usage from FastCGI processes which at this time it does not. For example if I set an application pool to limit 128MB of memory and spawn the site with say 10 FastCGI PHP processes each at around 20MB. If I look at the API and request the memory usage for that worker process it only shows the 17MB w3wp.exe usage as well as if you look in IIS under Worker Processes however after a few seconds it will recycle and log the event in Event Viewer. So again it does keep track of this but it DOES NOT show this info in the API or in IIS which it should for us programmers that want to monitor that.

    Can the IIS team confirm this?