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  • Website Not Working - New Web Farm Server

    Oct 23, 2019 12:11 PM|BradSherwin|LINK


    I'm currently playing with IIS web farms in my test enviroment which uses Kemp LM as a LB.  Ive setup two servers which work fine so I already know my Shared Config, Shared Website, Shared Cert and Kemp are working as expected.

    However, when I build a new server I just cant seem to get the instance working.  In Chrome I'm getting the server refused to connect.

    As stated above, it can't be any of the shared folders as they work on other servers and I can enabled Shared Config and the website, app pool imports as exoected.  I've also confirmed on the effected server I can access the default website.  There are no eventvwr errors either when restarting the app pool.  Ive also ran Get-WindowsFeatures to compare to see if I was missing any roles/features and I'm not.

    I've ran a packet capture from the Kemp and I see the client hello sending to the box but theres no Server Hello as expected.  Running Netstat I see is listening.  Windows FW is disabled.  I've ran CASPOL too on the box.

    During testing, I did have an issue with C:\inetpub\temp\appools\APPPOOLNAME on one of the working servers where the file was corrupt.  So I looked in the temp folder and I cannot see my app pool name folder on this box.  Checking my workign server there are no speical permissions that I can see and they're identical.

    Pretty stumped!!  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks,