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  • Re: Bluescreen and applicationHost.config overwritten with zeroes

    Oct 11, 2019 01:45 PM|fw-flw|LINK

    More shit has come to light:

    The BSOD is caused by cldflt.sys, which according to various search results (often also related to BSOD situations) is a part of or used by Microsoft OneDrive.

    The crash is caused by the second CommitChanges() call in this sequence:

    1. 1. Remove ISAPI/CGI restriction
    2. 2. CommitChanges()
    3. 3. Add ISAPI/CGI restriction
    4. 4. CommitChanges()

    Another fun fact: When I ran this .NET application in the debugger in Visual Studio (which also reproduced the crash), the user settings file of the project was also overwritten with zeroes after the crash, causing Visual Studio to be unable to load the project until I deleted the .user file.