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  • Bluescreen and applicationHost.config overwritten with zeroes

    Oct 11, 2019 11:26 AM|fw-flw|LINK

    I have an application which makes some changes to applicationHost.config. Every time I run this application, my system crashes with a bluescreen, and applicationHost.config is overwritten with zeroes.

    I have been able to recover a recent valid applicationHost.config file from c:\inetpub\history and reproduce the problem every time I run my application.

    This started happening after a Windows update that was installed yesterday (2019-10-10).

    What exactly my application does is quite complicated. For example, it creates applications in IIS by running appcmd. Some modifications to the config are done by a .NET application, which uses Microsoft.Web.Administration. I also cannot tell at which exact point the crash happens, but I am working on getting more details.

    System information:

    Windows 10 1903 (it is a development machine)

    Is this a known issue with the current Windows / IIS version?

    What more information can I provide to get help, and what debugging steps would you recommend for me to do?