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    Oct 01, 2019 02:53 AM|Jalpa Panchal|LINK


    Make sure that your internet is not blocking the connection.

    Which os you are using?

    You could try to use the web platform installer command-line tool.

    run command prompt as administrator.

    run below command navigating to web platform installer folder:

    cd "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer"
    webpicmd.exe /List /ListOption:All /Feeds: > products.txt

    list of all Hosting Packages with their internal names currently available.

    run the following command to create an offline copy of Ruby Hosting Package product and all it’s possible dependencies:

    WebpiCmd.exe /offline /Products:RubyHostingPackage /Path:C:\offline-package /Feeds:
    WebpiCmd.exe /install /Products:RubyHostingPackage /XML:C:\offline-package\feeds\latest\webproductlist.xml /Feeds:C:\offline-package\feeds\latest\supplementalfeeds\feed.xml /AcceptEula

    This will install Ruby Hosting Package without internet access required.

    You could refer this below links for more detail.

    Helicon Zoo installation

    Offline installation of Zoo components



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