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  • Perfomance - IIS Monitoring Tool / Standard IIS Configuration Document

    Sep 25, 2019 01:04 PM|KevalArora|LINK

    Hi folks,

    We are running our website on IIS Version 8.5.9600.16384 with windows server 2012 R2.  To get Best performance , I am not sure what is standard configuration for IIS  and how should we upgrade configuration variable value for different module in IIS.

    Is there any document where we can get detail understanding of each module including all require configuration variable OR can we have any monitoring tool where we can check current behavior of IIS  and what is require to update in IIS. for e.g.

    1. 1. all request in detail - for example, In single minute we received 100 request then we should upgrade this variable into this module in IIS. 
    2. 2. Request Queue is full
    3. 3. PHP module is crashed.

    4. Need to check IIS recycling

    Right now, we are looking for this type of configuration setting only when we are facing any critical issue. but it would be more helpful if we already have updated it as per requirement upgrade.

    can one of you please help me to resolve this.