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  • Re: RELIABLE iterative search-and-update of password for service account used in IIS:\\SITES

    Sep 09, 2019 07:24 AM|tmsatgmail|LINK


    Update - I have found a workaround of sorts - create a Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager object and use that to iterate through sites, applications and virtual directories. This lets me retrieve the .UserName and .password properties from ALL virtual directories, anywhere inside IIS.

    I used Get functions for site, app and virtual directory - the combined output from all three functions asserts that there are no credentials assigned to a virtual directory Test5,

    I pointed ServerManager at the same virtual directory, and with just two lines of code I can see its username and password.

    I used Set-WebConfigurationProperty to change the username and password to something else (using the fullpath returned by the Get-WebVirtualDirectory function which reports those credentials as empty.

    I then checked the credentials again via both methods.

    ServerManager confirms to me that the password has been changed successfully.

    Get-WebVirtualDirectory STILL tells me the credentials are empty.

    Go figure...