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  • Re: RELIABLE iterative search-and-update of password for service account used in IIS:\\SITES

    Sep 06, 2019 02:53 PM|tmsatgmail|LINK

    Update - I can now reproduce the problem I'm having consistently.

    I created four objects inside IIS, in a blank website (root folder (E:\wwwroot_testing) - the objects are an application, two folders and a virtual directory.

    I then converted one of the folders off the website root into an app via the UI, and set the Physical Path Credentials on it (again via the IIS Manager UI) to a brand new account created just now, that is not used for anything else, anywhere else on the entire server. The ONLY place it is used is on this app in this site.

    In the UI, if I look at the Manage Application/Advanced Settings dialog, I can see very clearly that my test account IS configured on that app's physical path credentials:

    • Application Pool: My Test
    • Physical Path: E:\wwwroot_testing\Test4
    • Physical Path Credentials: .\MyTemporaryTestAccount
    1. Physical Path Credentials Logon: ClearText 
    2. Virtual Path: /Test4

    I've scanned every config file, expanded every property, played with Get-WebConfigurationProperty for days, I've even searched the Registry for anything that might vaguely link to it. Bupkis. The only place that I can find MyTemporaryTestAccount (or any other account configured on an object this way), is if I go manually into the IIS Manager console and navigate into that same dialog. Powershell can't find it at all. And yes, I have done IISRESET, recycled etc.