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  • Re: Managing ARR Server Farm through Monitoring and Management menu

    Aug 14, 2019 07:00 AM|brutlex|LINK

    Hi and thanks for your input.

    The recycling of the application pool was indeed the reason it resets the Monitoring and Management states. I am still trying to find a clean solution for this but at the moment the best I could do is check for the current state through an external program I wrote which has a state defined in which the server should be and checks in intervals if it matches, if not, then changes it.

    Second thing is that Management and Monitoring settings are not stored in shared as those are composed of dynamic states and counters which can be unique for each node. I have used Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace in my .NET Framework program to read these out and then calculate the sum of all nodes in order to get global counters for the entire ARR cluster, as well as execute methods described in arr_schema.xml.

    Hope this gives at least a bit more insight to someone in the future.