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  • Re: Proxy to redirect all requests to an internal Linux server that handle the ssl certificate

    Aug 12, 2019 01:39 PM|SNarciso|LINK

    Hi Rovastar,

    Just to see if i understand what you mean...


    Point the IP to your new ARR machine.

    So, what you mean is that instead of the public ip go directly to the SBS2008/Exchange machine, change it to the new IIS8 machine and then split and forward the trafic to Exchange and to Linux machine.

    This is the solution that i was thinking about, lets see if i can do it. The Exchange is version 2007 and your example is with 2013, lets see if it will work.


    The website farm (even a farm of 1 server) should be straight forward, I would terminate the SSL cert on the ARR though (nd offload the SSL there)

    In this part you are talking about offload the SSL of the Exchange or the Linux Server? both? Using IIS 8, i think that this could be done in ARR with IIS 8.0 then i can do a try of installing both certificates in this ARR machine and see if this will work.