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  • IIS configuration for routing to internal server

    Jul 16, 2019 07:45 AM|akao|LINK


    In these days I am trying to find out if the configuration of IIS could help with a problem we are facing with Cognos.

    This is the situation:

    An application server (Cognos)  is running on our internal network (running on IIS 10)

    The application server is accessible through a gateway-server IIS  in the DMZ - e.g.  (running on IIS 10)

    We us AD for authentication. The external users are registered in our AD to have access

    The gateway server has a connection to the internal server application server and serves the Cognos reports. This works fine, the Cognos reports are served as expected.

    The problem though is that we use hyperlinks in the Cognos reports pointing to files which are stored on the fileserver in combination with a virtual directory in IIS. The virtual directory exists only on the Cognos application server in the internal network. Not on the gateway, because of security. It's not possible to copy the files to the gateway server.  The files are only available for logged on AD users.

    When a user click on such a hyperlink he/she receive a page not found error. The gateway server is trying to serve the request from the gateway server and not from the application server.

    An example of the steps.

    1. end user logs on through internet through (pointing to gateway server)
    2. the gateway serves the Cognos report needed.
    3. the end user clicks on a hyperlink in the cognos report, e.g.
    4. the user receive 'page not found' as reponse

    Anyone familiar with this situation? Is this a situation that perhaps could be solved using ARR, WAP or some other IIS configuration? Forget about Cognos, it could any application I think.

    Would it help for example if we would use IIS sites instead of virtual directory

    Any help or suggestion is welcome. Could be that it's not clear yet, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance. Below an image as illustration