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  • Re: IIS SEO Toolkit Not Crawling Sites w/ TLS 1.0 Disabled?

    Jul 11, 2019 01:24 PM|SAMFi|LINK

    Hi Guys

    Hope this is not off topic - the resulting error might be the same but maybe the cause here is different - also unfortunately dont have a solution, rather looking for it myself too..

    Anyway I have come across multiple sites where I get a single row (when crawling with IIS SEO toolkit) and its the "the url for hyperlink is broken" result 

    Always qwondered whats up and came across this: https://weblogs.asp.net/jeffwids/iis7-search-engine-optimization-toolkit-does-not-like-html5-doctype

    And in the comments there: "Actually, it's not the HTML5 tag that's causing SEO grief, it's the extra whitespace before/above the tag that is the problem. ..." <- That seems to be true in all the cases I have come across.

    So would anyone with any IIS SEO TOOLKIT customization experience know how to fix this simple but irritatting issue?