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  • Re: Using URL rewrite to "change domain" and hide ugly links

    Jul 06, 2019 05:33 AM|Chris Becke|LINK

    UrlRewrite does not have a lot to work with, only the url and query string you provide it, so the iframe solution might be unavoidable if there are lots of dashboards or if the dashboards need their urls to be heavily customized.

    The best you can do with a pure UrlRewrite solution would be to create neat form url's that contain all the information required to rebuild the ugly form url. Depending on how many reports there are, this might just entail "lots" of UrlRewrite rules

    i.e. You could create rules on your ARR server that would remap urls like "https://reports.example.com/assets/DBAM" to links like the above using something similar to this:

    A match pattern (regex) of "^assets/(.*)"

    A condition that {HTTP_HOST} matches "^reports(?:\.example\.com)"

    and a Rewrite rule with a Url: "http://server. domain/ibmcognos/bi/?pathRef=.public_folders%2FAM%2BStuurt%2521%2FBeheerde%2Bproducten%2F{R:1}%2FRapporten%2FDashboard%2Bassetmanagement"

    And of course, stop processing any more rules.

    Repeat for every other dashboard.