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  • Using URL rewrite to "change domain" and hide ugly links

    Jun 28, 2019 11:37 AM|bosma1992|LINK


    I have the following situation:

    • We have an application that publishes dashboards, which produces very long, very ugly links (example: http:// server. domain/ibmcognos/bi/?pathRef=.public_folders%2FAM%2BStuurt%2521%2FBeheerde%2Bproducten%2FDBAM%2FRapporten%2FDashboard%2Bassetmanagement

    There is a (different) server with IIS, on which we have folders in the wwwroot folder, to make them accessible by shortcuts (for the above example, http://123.a.b.nl/DBAM is the shortcut) (not really, just not so keen on giving out the domain name).

    In the DBAM folder there is an index.htm and web.config file.

    We used to use iframes to load up the page mentioned above, but some of the functionality isn't working (popups not showing). 

    Now I'm trying to redirect users to the correct URL (long and ugly) but make their browser display the "clean" URL. 

    I'm doing this with a <meta http-equiv="refresh"> tag in index.htm. 

    the dashboard gets loaded correctly after the meta http refresh, displaying the ugly url, all functionality is enabled. 

    My question: How would one go about making sure the user does not see the "ugly" links? 

    It's my understanding that IIS URL REWRITE is applied before the refresh, so useless afterwards. 

    Please enlighten me. 

    PS, my title is this way, because the idea is to change the ugly url from one server (http://serverA*****) to (http://server2****