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  • Re: Application request routing as reverse proxy for Sharepoint servers

    Jun 11, 2019 10:17 AM|ironmanwannabe|LINK

    Thanks for your response. How to insert pictures into this message?

    1) I tried using the servername of the sharepoint server in the health test but the health test shows the same result as using localhost. I did not configure alternate access mapping so the actual site name is the hostname of the sharepoint server itself. My sharepoint is running on HTTP only. I am using hostname as my ARR server is joined to the same domain as my sharepoint servers. 

    2) How do you mean restarting the farm/app pool? Do you right click on the farm and "take server farm offline" and online? If I set a server as offline manually, recycling the farm does not turn the server back online.

    3) I will check the IIS logs for clues.