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    Re: Application request routing as reverse proxy for Sharepoint servers

    Jun 10, 2019 04:27 PM|Rovastar|LINK

    Ok your health check looks wrong. You are connecting to localhost I haven't seen that before or wouldn't do that and tbh don't understand the behavior of what it will do.

    I would use the actual site name as the health check.

    So if the site is I would use that is the health check. It is unclear if you want to send the health check request as https or http. That depends on what if you are offloading your SSL but do the same as you are doing in your global URLrewrite rules for sending it out this farm.

    Also I use IP address rather than names of servers for servers in the farm.

    I would not use the active traffic settings. It seems pointless and will likely cause more confusion/harm than good.

    There are hundreds of ways of setting up ARR so it id difficult to say for every case. I think there is different behavior for example using names of server for servers in the farm can cause different behavior (maybe that is why some edit their ARR host file)

    2) The status of the servers.

    This is for servers in the farm and if they are subject to the health check or not. In "Monitoring and management" you can manually take these servers out of the farm of these selected servers.. Restarting the farm/app pool will return all servers to the default (available) state.

    They are separate as you may want to add a server to farm but make it (un)/available based on health checks.

    3) check the IIS logs of your backend servers to see if the traffic is making it through. That will tell you more. You should see the traffic hitting you backend boxes.

    Troubleshoot IIS in style