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  • Application request routing as reverse proxy for Sharepoint servers

    Jun 10, 2019 09:28 AM|ironmanwannabe|LINK

    Hi, I have some questions below.

    1) I have setup an ARR server as a reverse proxy to 2 Sharepoint servers. I noticed that ARR is does not monitor the health of the content servers if I did not configure the Health test as shown below. Without health test configured, even if i shutdown a content server, monitoring and management pane will still shows the server as available and healthy. Client may hit the offline content server and "Fail request" will be shown on the monitoring and management pane. Is this the correct behavior as I read that ARR is able to determine the heath using active traffic on top of explicit URL testing? 

    2) In the server farm, what is the use of the status of the servers? Seems like it is for us to enable or disable manually. It doesn't change its state when the server is shutdown.

    3) For health test configuration, I created a test html in sharepoint site but I received a 401 error. I changed extended the acceptable status code to 499 but the error became "The response from the server did not include the configured string". The health test works if I enter the stopped "sharepoint - 80" website and start the default website. Is there any additional settings required for ARR to monitor sharepoint URL? I can access the test URL from IE within ARR.

    Best regards,

    Chiew Sheng