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  • Re: PHP 7.2 and future of WinCache

    May 31, 2019 04:22 AM|lextm|LINK

    Readers of such threads should be warned about the history of PHP on IIS. (I blogged about the beginning in my blog post So in short, bringing PHP to IIS was a move to enable PHP on Windows Azure, now Microsoft Azure. However, the introduction of Azure App Service on Linux recently made it less important to support PHP on IIS.

    We already see Microsoft deprecated its efforts on Python on IIS, So Windows Python users should switch to Linux, or they have to maintain components like WFastCGI themselves.

    The PHP story is similar, but FastCGI for PHP components are,

    • FastCGI support as part of IIS.
    • PHP-CGI as part of PHP Windows distribution.

    So as long as Microsoft ships IIS, and PHP community ships their Windows distribution, you might continue to use PHP on Windows/IIS.

    But the components like WinCache has its risks, as they are separate open source projects (just like WFastCGI for Python), Microsoft might stop moving such open source projects forward (as they shifted focus to Azure Linux) one day, so as users of them you should be prepared to take them over,

    • If the most recent release ( fails for a future PHP release (7.3?) or future Windows releases
    • Or if Microsoft publishes a similar announcement to deprecate its PHP components for Windows

    PHP on Linux is always an option for you, and Microsoft supports PHP on Linux on Azure in many ways.

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