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  • Re: About Rewrite rule query string

    May 17, 2019 06:54 AM|Able|LINK

    Hi sierratec,

    You could see that A url is composed of the following parts:HTTP(s)://{HTTP_HOST}/path/querstring.

    Then in url rewrite  <match url:> tag is created for getting path of the url and {HTTP_host } and querstring is in condition.

    Now in you situation,I think your first rule is right, you could see my page as below ,its  request url is what you want 

    So, I suggest that you could try below ways:

    1.make sure that you have only one rewrite rule is enabled, because it will do all rules from up to down. could directly enter to see whether it could show well.

    3.Use Failed Request Tracing , this module could track the url request and see what happened .Here is the link,

    4.Could you show me the details of error page? It will help me see error clearly.I trust your first rule is right. 

    Best Regards


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